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Frankie B Lover Denim Top in Vintage

When we hear about basic staples in our wardrobe, we mostly hear about a black dress, a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of boots, a blazer, and a white top.  But I think another important staple in our wardrobe should be a denim chambray top.   I love the versatility of denim tops. They can […]

Frankie B My BFF Jeggings in Slick Plum

Whenever the holidays come around, finding shiny sequined clothing is like a tradition.  With the holiday parties coming up, what better way to dress up your outfit than with sparkle?  And if you’re anything like me, someone who prefers to wear jeans rather than skirts or dresses, then these are a great pair to consider.  […]

Frankie B Skinny Jeans in Distressed Star

Today I’m happy to do a review for a pair of jeans by one of my favorite brands, Frankie B.  These are Frankie B Skinny Jeans in Distressed Star.  Just when I thought I was about finished with the stars pattern trend, I came across these.  And being that they’re by Frankie B, I had […]

Frankie B My BFF Leggings in Jewel

When I think of the ultimate in low rise jeans, Frankie B is the first brand to come to mind.  More recently, Frankie B seems to have made their rises a bit higher which was fine with me because gone are the days when I embraced ultra low rise jeans, although I still LOVE the […]

Frankie B Penelope Flirt F Jeans in Raw

Just when I thought I’d be slowing down on my purchases of dark denim with summer approaching, I came across these and had to have them.  These are Frankie B Penelope Flirt F Skinny Jeans.  I found a few ways to justify purchasing these jeans in spite of the warm weather ahead. For one, the […]

Frankie B Limited Edition Bootcut Jeans in Terracota

It’s always a pleasure for me to do a review on a pair of Frankie B jeans.  I know before I even try them on that I will like them because for me, Frankie B makes some of the most flattering jeans ever.  These are Frankie B Limited Edition Famous Bootcut Jeans. Frankie B’s boot […]

Frankie B Make Love Not War Jeans in Hipster

I decided to pull out an oldie and definitely a goodie today.  These are Frankie B’s Make Love Not War Jeans.  I love Frankie B’s more classic styles that had different embroidered designs on their jeans.  These were actually a remake of their jeans that were originally made without the distressed holes.  These jeans are […]

Frankie B Love Capri Jeans in Tranquility

I decided to pull out one of my favorite oldies for this review.  These are Frankie B Love Capris.  These were from a few years back when Frankie B jeans were super low rise.  They’re still considered lowrise jeans today, but not quite what they were a few years ago.  These have a low rise […]

Frankie B Sweet & Vicious Leggings in Moon Light

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned in previous posts that I’m a big fan of Frankie B jeans.  Their more recent skinny style jeans have been cut in a way that feels tailor made for the body.  These are Frankie B Sweet & Vicious Leggings.  I feel like this particular pair of jeans has almost […]

Frankie B Be Mine Heart Pocket Skinny Jeans in Indigo Free

It seems I’m on a roll with my Frankie B collection this week.  Today’s review is on Frankie B’s Be Mine Skinny Jeans.  What I love most about these jeans is how they fit.  They feel like leggings with the stretch and comfort.  If you’re a fan of ultra skinny jeans, then these jeans will […]