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Joe’s Jeans Easy Cut Off Shorts in Nyore

My summer rotation so far has consisted of shorts, shorts, and more shorts.  These in particular have been an absolute staple to my wardrobe this season.  These are Joe’s Jeans – Vintage Reserve Easy Cut Off Short.  While everyone’s personal style calls for varying must-have’s, we have to agree that one summer piece that every […]

Joe’s Jeans Shirtall in Sandie

I’m really happy to do today’s review because I was so excited to share this with you all.  I love finding pieces that stand out and are set apart from other things that we typically review.  This is Joe’s Jeans Shirtall which is basically a denim romper.  The beauty of denim rompers, this one in […]

Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans in Deedi

I’ve been into comfort lately when it comes to my denim.  And my wardrobe as of late has consisted more of casual pieces.  I seem to wear styles in droves, usually the themes following whatever my lifestyle of the moment is.  My days lately have required clothing that is comfortable, quick, and easy to wear, […]

Joe’s High Water Jeans in Keri

Joe’s Jeans is a brand that is known for their pioneering concept of body specific fits.  This past year, I’ve had the privilege of trying several new styles by this brand, and not one of them has disappointed me so far.  This style is Joe’s High Water Jeans in Keri. The fit on these is […]

Joe’s Jeans Bandana Ethnic Shorts in Plum

So it’s no secret by now that I’m a big fan of the color purple.  So it’s probably pretty obvious as to what attracted me to these shorts.  They had such an interesting design, I was so curious to try them out.  And given our current heat wave, I was in need of some summer […]

Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans in Georgie

I admittedly haven’t had much luck finding the right pair of Joe’s Jeans.  I never felt like any of their jeans that I’ve tried fit me quite right.  But I have to say, these have definitely caused me to reconsider this brand.  These are Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans. If you’re looking for a comfortable […]

Joe’s Jeans Trouser in Raisin

If you’ve been following our blog, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m a fan of the color purple.  So I probably don’t need to mention what it was that drew me to these pants.  But what set them apart from the others was that they were a trouser and not another pair of purple jeans.  […]

Guest Review: Joe’s Jeans Socialite Kicker in Harvey

Joe’s Socialite Kicker Cropped jeans are defined by the makers as a “classic fit cropped.”  They are perfectly contoured in the hips, while giving the illusion of a long, sexy silhouette.  These jeans have been so popular that Joe’s Jeans even made a maternity version of these jeans.   See what our guest reviewer had to […]