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Sale Alert!! True Religion Jordan Jeans & J Brand 901 Leggings in Comet on Sale!

Here’s to approaching the end of the week on a high note.  Did you like our review on the True Religion Jordan jeans?  (See our review.)  We found them for you on sale in the Wagoneer Medium wash.  Buy True Religion Womens Jordan Jeans in Wagoneer Medium on sale at Amazon. Also on sale is J Brand’s 901 Leggings in Comet.  (See our review.)   Buy J Brand Denim Legging Skinny Jeans in Comet on sale at Tobi.  You can also buy J Brand Legging in Comet on sale... Read More

J Brand 901 Leggings in Comet

I am a big fan of denim, to say the least.  It is definitely a wardrobe staple for me.  But of all the jeans that I’ve ever owned, I can honestly say these jeans fit me the most comfortably of them all.  That’s saying a lot, considering I have owned many pairs of denim through the years.   In all honesty, when I first saw these jeans, I didn’t think that much of them.  They looked like any other nice pair of basic denim leggings.  However, when I tried them on,... Read More

True Religion Jordan Black Rigid in Graphite

I decided to review an oldie but ‘a goodie’; just for fun.  These are my True Religion Jordan Black Rigid in Graphite wash.  I purchased these over a year ago at and I love them today.  They still look as if I just bought them.  I love the durability of True Religion’s jeans. These Jordan Black Rigids are what I consider a moderately loose boyfriend jean.  Since this is a looser fit, you can imagine how comfortable they are.  They are one of my... Read More

Sale Alert! Siwy Valentine Cargos on sale!!

What a wonderful way to start off the week!  Siwy Valentine Cargo Pants in Ocean Mist are on sale !!  Read our review on these here.  Happy Monday!  🙂 You can buy Siwy Denim Valentine Pant in Ocean Mist-SALE!! at Boutique to You.  Read More

Siwy Valentine Cargo in Ocean Mist

I know that I’m a fan of a particular style when I buy it in multiple colors. I originally bought these Valentine Cargos in the Blacksand (gray) wash and fell in love with them (see my review HERE).  So I decided to purchase them in another wash. I went up one size in my other Blacksand pair because of lack of availability in my normal size, so I was curious to see how these would fit in my actual size.  I found these Ocean Mist wash cargos in my regular size,... Read More

Sale Alert! Shoes Shoes Shoes!!

Do you like the shoes worn in our posts?  On sale now are the Dolce Vita Farrah Shoes (see our Black Orchid Black Devil Jeans review with these shoes), Sam Edelman Kasi Sandals (see our J Brand Ava Cropped Zip Leg Jeans review with these sandals), and Mea Shadow Regina Shoes (see our True Religion Cameron Jeans review with these shoes).  Happy shopping!! Buy Dolce Vita FARRAH Open-Toe Shoes on sale at Amazon. Buy Sam Edelman Kasi Sandal also on sale at Amazon. Buy Mea... Read More

J Brand Ava Crop with Zippers

Believe it or not these tiny little jeans are pretty true to size.  When I first picked them up off the shelf, I held them up and couldn’t believe the size.  They looked like toddler pants….ok, maybe not that small but definitely something a pre-teen would fit into.  Surprisingly enough though, after ‘jiggling’ (my jean wiggle) my way into these I found that these jeans have a lot of ST-r-e-t-CH!   And it is because of this stretch that the jeans are quite comfortable. ... Read More

Sale Alert!! True Religion Cameron Jeans & J Brand Houlihan Cargos on sale!

Finding sales is such a great way to start the week!  On sale now are True Religion Cameron Jeans in Thunder Heart wash and J Brand Houlihan Cargos in West Point and Vintage West Point washes. Buy True Religion Cameron Boyfriend Jeans in the Thunder Heart wash on sale at ShopBop.  See our review in the Wyoming wash here.  Buy J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants in Vintage West Point (my personal favorite wash!) on sale at ShopBop.  Buy J Brand Houlihan Zip Cargo in West Point on... Read More

Black Orchid Black Devil Zipper Skinny Jeans in Thunder

What intrigued me the most about these jeans when I saw them was the look of the pockets.  When I purchased these, Black Orchid was fairly new on the market.  I didn’t know much about Black Orchid at the time, so I gave these a chance and tried them out.  I am SO glad that I did.  Let me begin with the feel of these jeans.  I can honestly say that these are one of the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.  The denim is super soft, made of  98% cotton and 2% spandex. ... Read More

Sale Alert!! J Brand Earhart Pants & True Religion Morgan Flare Jeans on Sale!

  Sales, sales, and more sales!!   Buy J Brand Earhart Flight Pants at ShopBop on sale in three different washes, including the Vintage Pendleton wash.  (See our review here.)    Buy True Religion Morgan Flare Jeans on sale at Amazon in the Sunbleached wash.  (See our review in the Saddlehorn wash here.)   What a great way to start the weekend!  Happy Friday.  🙂    Read More