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Sale Alert!! Paige Lou Lou Flare Jeans, J Brand 12″ Pencil Leg Jeans, & 7 For All Mankind Josefina Boyfriend Jeans

We’ve got some great sales to share with you.  On sale now are Paige Lou Lou Flare Jeans, J Brand 12″ Pencil Leg Jeans, and 7 For All Mankind Josefina Boyfriend Jeans.  Have a great shopping weekend!  🙂   Buy Paige Denim Lou Lou Flare in Scene at Revolve Clothing.  See our review in the Sumatra wash.     Buy J Brand 12″ Pencil in Phoebe or J Brand 12″ Pencil in Osaka both on sale at Revolve Clothing.  Read our reviews on these in... Read More

Paige Premium Denim Lou Lou Tulip Flare Jeans in Sumatra

Of the many designer denim brands, Paige Premium isn’t one of the brand that I’ve bought many styles from.  I’ve always had a curiosity about some of their styles, the Lou Lou Tulip Flare jean being one of them.  I’m getting really into the wide flare leg jeans this season, so I was excited to try these. These Lou Lou Flare jeans have a skinny fit through the thighs until it breaks 17 inches at the knee into a flare leg opening of 20 inches.  The flare isn’t... Read More

J Brand 12″ Pencil in Murphy

A week ago, I reviewed J Brand’s 12” Pencil in a Pure wash and today I bring you J Brand’s 12”Pencil in Murphy.  The reason I bring this wash to your attention is that although these two jeans are the same brand and the same style, the wash makes a very big difference in terms of fit.  I originally ordered these two pairs at the same time and the same size thinking that they would be the same fit.  What I found when they both arrived is that the Murphy wash did not... Read More

Guest Review: AG Adriano Goldschmied Tomboy Relaxed Crop Jeans in 7 Years

Love the aged, vintage look of denim? These are AG Adriano Goldshmied Tomboy Crop in 7 years (7 years being the name of the wash). This jean is a relaxed, straight crop jean. Wear these cuffed or uncuffed. You could even cut the hem and let it fray with wash and wear to complete the vintage and aged look. It’s known to be fitted in the hip with a low rise and a looser fit in the leg. The rear pockets are set a little lower to create a slouchier look also complementing the... Read More

Sale Alert!! 7 For All Mankind Josefina & Current/Elliott Low Bell on Sale!

Let’s start off this week on a high note with some great sales.  On sale now are 7 For All Mankind Josefina Boyfriend jeans and Current/Elliott Low Bell Jeans. Buy 7 For All Mankind Stacked Josefina in Heureux Blue on sale at Revolve Clothing.  Also on sale in the Oceanside wash–Buy 7 For All Mankind Crop Josefina in Oceanside at Revolve Clothing.  (see our review in the Vintage Cali wash) Buy Current/Elliott The Low Bell in Voyage on sale at Revolve Clothing. ... Read More

Sale Alert! J Brand 912 Pencil Leg and J Brand Leggings On Sale!!

We’ve got some more great sales announcements for you.  On sale now are J Brand 912 Pencil Leg Jeans (see our review) and J Brand Leggings (see review). Buy J Brand Pencil Leg Jeans in Jet on sale at Chick Downtown.  Also available in the Oyster wash–buy J Brand Lightweight Low Rise, 12″ Pencil Leg Jean in Oyster style#91210 at Singer 22.  Buy J Brand 12″ Pencil in Heritage, J Brand 12″ Pencil in Indio, and J Brand 12″ Pencil in Air Wash all... Read More

Current/Elliott Exposed Button Fly Boyfriend Shorts

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of short shorts.  I remember being in my early 20’s and feeling quite comfortable exposing my legs.  Now, not so much.  However, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a pair because: 1) it’s so hot out right now, and I don’t want to keep roasting in my jeans; and 2) short shorts are the style of the season for shorts, so I didn’t have too many other options where denim shorts are concerned. These are Current Elliott’s... Read More

J Brand 12″ Pencil in Pure

If there is one pair of jeans that one must have as a staple in their collection it is a dark wash skinny jean.  This style offers so many different looks that it is worth it to get a good pair.  The dark wash allows you to dress it up for evening wear.  This look can be as simple as a shimmery camisole and some sexy heels.  Or the dark wash can be just as casual for the day when paired with a favorite oversized t-shirt and sandals.  A great pair of skinny jeans should allow... Read More

Taking Care of Denim

Spending a lot on designer denim?  The beauty about spending a little more for your wardrobe staple is that with some TLC, they can last you a long time.  And don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and see if it makes a difference to the life of your favorite denim. Let’s start with the obvious, try to wash only when necessary.  Less wash means less agitation on your denim..  Then let’s get in the details for those of us who simply have to wash our denim on... Read More

Current/Elliott Low Bell Flare Jeans in Compass

There are some jeans that I would consider my experience with them as love at first sight.  The moment I try them on, I fall in love with them immediately.  That was the case for these jeans.  At first glance, they didn’t look very different from other wide leg/flare styles that I’ve seen.  But I was curious to try one of Current Elliott’s bell style jeans because 1.) I’m a huge fan of Current/Elliott, and 2.) it just made sense that I should own one of the biggest... Read More