And so my colored jeans obsession continues. Today’s obsession is J Brand’s 811 Skinnies. It’s likely you’ve probably seen several celebrities rocking these fabulous colored jeans by now. This is the summer of color, and J Brand is one of the brands that has definitely cornered the market on this trend this season. Part of the reason is because they have made almost every hue under the sun.

I have to admit that when I first received these, I had mixed feelings about them. I loved the idea of purple skinnies, and I’d seen pictures of these and was in love with this particular shade of purple. Once the colored denim trend surfaced this season, I eagerly anticipated the release of their purple skinnies.  But when I actually saw them in person and wore them, a part of me loved them and a part of me felt like Barney. And by Barney, I’m not referring to the high end department store. But the more I wore them, the more they began to really grow on me. As much as I love the colored denim trend going on right now, I haven’t been too keen on the bright bold colors. But being that I’m a fan of purple, these are an exception for me.

Let me start with the color. The wash is called Bright Purple, which is exactly what it is. It’s a beautiful bold deep shade of purple. The cut of these jeans reminds me a lot of J Brand’s Pencil Leg Jeans except with a shorter inseam and higher rise.  (If you’re not familiar with J Brand Pencil Leg Jeans, stay tuned for our upcoming reviews.) These 811 Skinnies are skinny throughout the legs with an 11 inch opening. The inseam is 30 inches, which is a great length for most ladies to wear without needing alterations. These are considered a midrise with an 8 inch rise. I’d say these fit slightly on the smaller side. I took one size larger than my normal size because of lack of availability in my normal size.  However, if you like your jeans very fitted, I wouldn’t recommend going up in size unless you are in between sizes.

The front pockets are actually faux pockets, like most of what J Brand leggings have. The rear pocket placement is very flattering on the rear, which is true to form for most of J Brand’s jeans because of the size of their pockets and their pocket placement. The material is made of Japanese twill, made up of 98% cotton and 2% lycra. There’s just a slight stretch to them with a tight waistband. These are machine washable in cold water, tumble dry low. With the Japanese twill material, it’s important to follow the washing and drying instructions closely because I’ve found that this material tends to fade fairly considerably with each wash.

These 811 skinnies come in several other colors such as Bright Royal (a celebrity favorite), Bright Fuchsia, Bright Red (also a celebrity favorite), Pretty Pink, Bright Turquoise, Bright Orange, Pale Rose, and Pale Yellow. These 811 Skinnies are similar to the J Brand 910 in Orchid wash that I reviewed previously (read review here).  While I realize this style isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely a fun alternative to the classic blue jean.

I paired my J Brand bright purple skinnies with a deep purple amethyst ring surrounded by lavendar amethysts, set in white gold (ring by BDP).  (See photo below.)

These particular bright purple ones have been seen on Hayden Panettiere and Nicky Hilton, both of whom looked fabulous in them.  Other J Brand colored denim celebrity favorites include Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, Victoria Justice, Hilary Duff, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Stacy Keibler, to name just a few.

Buy  J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in Many Colors at Singer 22.

15 Responses to “J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Twill Skinny Jeans in Bright Purple”
  1. Grace says:

    I love the color! I didn’t think I would like colored denim, but I like this!

  2. christian louboutin uk says:

    I agree with you

  3. BBC says:

    Hi, Can you share with me what you found the difference to be between the 811 and the 910?

    Please and Thanks.

    • Susan says:

      Hi BBC. It really depends on which material and wash because there are several different ones. But overall regarding the cut, the 811 have a higher rise and a slightly larger leg opening than the 910.

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