Hudson Deluxe Wide Leg Jeans in Illusion

Heading out to a local flea market I decide to share my Hudson Deluxe Wide Legs in an Illusion wash.  In case there are any questions, the wooden creations hanging from this women’s booth are children’s spring mobiles.  I thought they were cute and fun to check out.

But anyhow…These Hudson Jeans bring back fun memories for me of the day that I purchased them.  These were not your usual find them and buy them jeans for me.  I found this little treasure at a denim sample sale.  My first one as a matter of fact and it is an experience I will always remember.  We walked into the hotel where the sample sale was held in the morning.  When we walked down the corridor, we encountered a line that wrapped the hallways.  Women after women of all ages and sizes were lined up with their overpriced Starbucks coffee in hand anxiously waiting to score some severely discounted designer denim.   Some women looked like they had been there for a few hours.  I carefully found my way to the end of the line and silently eavesdropped on conversations around me.  I needed to understand exactly what to expect.  The air hummed with a nervous tension and a steady chatter as ladies were eager to get their hands on the treasures behind the hotel conference room doors.   Finally, the doors opened and the scene all of a sudden went to chaos.  It reminded me of the ‘Friends’ episode where Monica shops for her wedding dress at a sample sale, minus the whistle blowing and the tackling.

Ladies sprinted in and made a mad dash to the racks where their denim hung by size.  I watched as women speed walked with piles of jeans in their arms.  Some piled so high that they needed to look around their jeans to find their way.  Women who were carrying so much that you didn’t think they could carry any more but surprisingly they do.  They add more to their arm loads.  Finally, when one can’t carry anymore, they head to the back where there is another line forming.  A makeshift room divider is set up and behind this movable wall are women openly undressing with others trying on the piles of jeans that they just brought in.  There are no mirrors or any seating behind this wall.  It is just an open space where you try to find a 12” radius space for yourself to try on the clothes that you bring back.  Jeans are flying through the air as women who came with girlfriends throw the jeans that don’t fit them to one another to try on because no one wants a good jean to go to just anyone.  That and THAT jean may be the only one available and once it’s taken, its’ all gone.  I watch as women are trying to see how they look with small mirrors that they were able to fit into their purses just for this occasion.  These are the sample sale professionals; they come prepared.  If you make it out of the ‘fitting room’ with some jeans that do fit then you are considered successful because by the time you come out from trying the jeans on, you’ll notice that the racks have thinned out a great deal.  It’s almost like a sport of hunting for women shoppers.  Sample sales are like the ultimate shopping sport.  So, after what I just witnessed I am happy to walk out with my handful of goodies and knowing that I just bought more jeans in one visit than I normally would in a few months but I justify it by thinking about how much money I saved in not paying retail for them.  That’s rational, right?  I highly recommend sample sales for everyone if one is near your area.  It’s an experience worth the trip.

So, now that my storytelling is done, let’s move on to the actually jean.  What I love about these jeans is that they don’t feel like denim.  They actually are very light and airy and great for warmer weather, but with the look of denim.  This light flowing material is what makes this jean extremely comfortable.  It doesn’t feel like you are wearing jeans at all.  I could sit with my legs crossed Indian style and not have to worry about circulation being cut off at my knees.  That’s a good thing.  And since the look that is hot right now is the wide leg jeans, these are absolutely wonderful for those that want to make an even bigger statement.

Since these are the Deluxe Wide Leg, I feel like they are not as slimming as the regular wide legs that I have previously reviewed.  But I do love the casual color of the Illusion wash and I do love Hudson jeans and their union jack logo.  Hudsons also have their own flap pockets with button enclosures that lift and enhance the rear and these do just that.  The front is a button and zip fly and the front pockets help to complete that 70’s feel and perfect for the casualness of these jeans.  They are true to size.  When I walk, I can actually feel the sweep of the wide legs flares and it almost makes me a bit more aware of my step and how I walk.  Overall, these are a fun piece to have in your collection.  Not necessarily a staple but fun nonetheless.  Enjoy!

Buy these at in another great wash.
Hudson Jeans Gwen Wide Leg Jean in Oldmill

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold with like colors.  Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry medium. Warm iron if necessary.

Inseam:  34” Material: 98% Cotton/ 2% Elastane
Rise:  7.5” Back Rise:  11.5”
Measurement at knee:  20” Measurement of Leg Opening:  26”

**Measurements may vary slight with size. **

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