Getting Ready for Fall 2011

As we wrap up our first Summer reviews, we at StylePosts, are very eager to tackle our first Fall reviews.  Although there are parts of the world where our readers are still experiencing the middle of summer and possible heat waves that come with it, we wanted to go ahead and get our Fall gear revving because it’s about that time!!!  Let’s cool our thoughts and look forward to lower temperature ahead.  Fall is an exciting time of year because it reminds me of kids going back to school, the joy of the upcoming holiday season, and really just the change in season is something that I look forward to each year.

So here we go…after gathering information from many different sources – print and non-print – we have compiled our list of what we want to tackle this Fall in terms of denim trends.  Bear in mind that our intentions are not to capture all the trends that are forecasted by the different fashion houses.  Believe me, some of the trends that are predicted are not things that complement everyone.  Rather, our list below is compromised of pieces that we think our readers would already be looking for this Fall and/or pieces that our readers would be inclined to try out.  We’ve also picked out one or two pieces that we call ‘stretch’ pieces to encourage our readers to go beyond their normal comfort areas and try something new.  In other words, we want to stretch your taste and add a little more spice to your wardrobe 🙂

Drum roll, please….

First, this summer we talked much about colored denim in beautiful colors like salmon, dahlia, bright purple, and orchid.  For Fall, we are going to continue the color denim trend with Autumn colors.  These colors are more earthy, dark, and rich.  And these colors are not just exclusive to the skinnies, we have Autumn colors on other styles and materials, as well.  Colored jeans are just a fun way to add splash to your wardrobe outside of the usual indigo.

(From left to right: J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in Aubergine, Hudson Jeans Beth Baby Boot Crop Red, Paige Premium Verdugo Jegging Scarlet, J Brand 511 Skinny Corduroy Riviera Blue, and J Brand 511 Skinny Corduroy in Leg Toffee)

Next we have our trouser jeans.  These jeans are great because they flatter all body types.  The fact that these jeans are cut like trousers makes it even suitable to wear to work.  I love the style of these because they look different from the usual jean denim cuts that I am familiar with.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing these on our reviews.

(From left to right:  Black Orchid Trouser in Cyberspace, True Religion Megan Twill Trouser Wide Leg Camo Green, Joes Jeans Trouser in Phantom, 7 FAM Dojo Flare Leg Trouser in New York Dark)


This next group is another favorite of mine…corduroy.  It’s been a long time since I’ve worn corduroy and I am excited that they are coming back this year.  I also like that corduroy will come in some different styles like the skinny, boyfriend, and flares.  This allows everyone of all body types to enjoy this new Fall trend.

(From left to right:  J Brand 511 Skinny Corduroy Riviera Blue, Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Cord in Dark Charcoal, J Brand Lovestory Corduroy in Black Forest, J Brand 511 Skinny Corduroy in Leg Toffee, and Rock & Republic Elizabeth Cord Flare Grey)


Zippers, zippers, and more zippers….We touched a little bit on zippers this summer, but now there is even more to the zipper look in the fall.  Different placements on the zippers help to create a new and different look.  We have zippers on pockets, zippers on seams, and zippers on the legs.  Here are just a few of the looks that we found.  I’m not entirely too sure about the zippers up the side seam but am very curious as to how it looks on.  I do however like the idea of wearing the zippers slightly unzipped on the hem.  It’s just one more way to try to wear the look.

(From left to right:  7FAM Second Skin Jegging w/Multiple Zippers in Wren Black – front view, 7FAM Second Skin Jegging w/Multiple Zippers in Wren Black – back view, Hudson N. 2 The Gonzales Black Sateen, J Brand Agnes Worn Onyx)

The next trend is something that I am not sure how it will be received by our readers, but I am including it because I am drawn to the style.  It is definitely something that makes me stretch a little outside of my comfort zone and so I am hoping that you feel the same way.  The trend is printed jeans.  The prints come in a variety from lace, florals, snakeskin, and leopard.  It definitely gives your jeans a fresh and edgy new look.  Just remember with the printing on your pants, keep the rest of your outfit print free!

(From left to right:  Current/Elliott Stiletto Grey Leopard, Current/Elliott Stiletto Camel Leopard)

Lastly, we want to try to explore the look of patchwork denim.  This carefree and retro looking piece is a casual and fun look.  Here is one look that we found adorable.

(True Religion Carrie Patchwork Flare Sable)

I hope you enjoyed the preview for Fall from StylePosts.  Let us know which trend you are most looking forward to and which ones are too much of a ‘stretch’ for you.  We’d love to hear from you!

5 Responses to “Getting Ready for Fall 2011”
  1. su says:

    That adorable patchwork denim definitely caught my eye!

  2. jill says:

    i was wondering if you have seen the JBrand Black Forest Corduroy IRL? I am looking for dark green cords, but most of the pictures on line make them look black or black-ish green, with the exception of saks where they look almost emerald…

    • Song says:

      Hi Jill! I have not seen the JBrand Black Forest Cords IRL. But taking a look at multiple photos, these do in fact look like a dark green. Actually, quite a rich and great fall color. I don’t think you can go wrong with these. They definitely are not an emerald shade. Being a huge fan of cords and J Brands, I can’t imagine that you would be disappointed in your purchase. These jeans are available from our affiliate and they offer a very easy and no hassle shipping and return policy. Good luck! And keep us updated on how you like these. We’d love to see a photo! Enjoy your day.

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