J Brand Lovestory Jeans in Dark Vintage

The beauty of J Brand’s Lovestory jeans is that they are timeless. I actually purchased these when the Lovestory jeans were new on the market, but they are still just as popular more than five years later. And now that the whole wide leg jean is back in style, these fit right in.

The wash is called Dark Vintage. It’s dark blue with some fading and whisking along the front, rear, and thighs. It’s a perfect classic blue color denim. The rise is 7  inches with a thicker waistband that’s 2 inches wide.   I love the look of the Lovestory jean because they’re not like your typical wide leg jean. They’re one of the original jeans that created a very fitted jean all along the top and thigh area, and then they open up 15 inches at the knee with a wide 22 inch leg opening. So they’re still flatteringly fitted while giving a fun twist of a wide flare leg opening. Named after the classic love story of the 1970s, these jeans are a tribute to the best fashion trend of this era.

The downfall of these jeans is that they run very long. So unless you are blessed with super long supermodel legs, the 35 inch inseam is going to run long. But this is nothing a good tailor can’t fix. I believe J Brand has since created the inseam a little shorter to a 33 inch inseam.  Although you may not be blessed with super long legs, the beauty of these jeans is that they give length to the legs, giving the illusion of longer legs. I like that these jeans have character to them, even though they are simple and without any embellishment. The bottom has a 2 ¼ inch hem, so it’s a bit wider allowing the flare to really stand out.   I like wearing my wide leg/flare jeans a little on the longer side, with the back hem barely brushing against the floor.

These are machine washable in cold water, do not bleach, do not iron, tumble dry low. Made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, there isn’t a whole lot of stretch to these, which is partly why they feel more snug than some of the other washes by J Brand. I’d say these are about a half size small.  So if you are in between sizes, I’d say to go up in size.  The waistband on these jeans is very tight.  Don’t get these mistaken for J Brand’s Dark Vintage wash in their lightweight material (made of 28% elasterell-p). The material on those are different and may fit differently as well.

If you’re a fan of J Brand jeans, then the Lovestory jean should be without a doubt a staple piece in your closet, especially now that the wide leg jean is back in fashion.  Stay tuned for more reviews on J Brand’s Lovestory jeans in more washes.

The J Brand Lovestory jean has been seen on many different celebrities, including Courtney Cox Arquette, Alessandra Ambrosio, Katie Cassidy, Penelope Cruz, Elle Macpherson, Devon Aoki, Lindsay Price, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Stevens, Claire Danes, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, and many many more.

Buy these J Brand 22″ Lovestory in Dark Vintage at Revolve Clothing.

You can also find them in the Heritage wash.  Buy J Brand Lowrise Love Story Bellbottom in Heritage at Boutique To You.

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  1. Brent says:

    Very nice blog post. once more

  2. Cindy says:

    I’ve recently become a HUGE J Brand fan as a result of the Aoki cuffed jeans. They fit well and doesn’t stretch out as much as other denims. I’ve also been eyeing the Lovestory. I wasn’t sure how they would fit, but seeing your review I think I may need to give them a try. I think the flare jeans are so flattering. Thanks for the review!

    • Susan says:

      Hi Cindy. Thanks for your comment. The Lovestory jeans are a great staple piece to have. But keep in mind, they do fit quite differently than the Aoki’s, being that they’re very different styles. Also, this dark vintage wash is particularly tighter than some of their other washes. If you get a pair, let us know how you like them. We always love hearing from our readers. 🙂

  3. MariaG says:

    Great post! Could you please say where us the shirt from?

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