Taking Denim Wear to New Heights – Bleulab Reversible Denim

I often talk of buying jeans that give me additional options of wear.  For example, the crop jeans, I love because I have the option to not crop them for a different look.   I love to get the most out of my jeans because I wear them so often.  The perfect wash for me is one that I can dress up or dress down.    Now what about a jean that has two washes?  What if I could wear a jean for one look by day and then a completely different look with the same jean by night?  What if I could get two jeans in one pair?  Still unclear?  Here is what I am talking about…

Bleulab is a fairly new brand that is making headlines and creating quite a buzz in the denim world.  Designer and creator, Carl Jones, has just taken wearing denim to new levels with his brand, Bleulab jeans.  His jeans are made from one single piece of fabric that is woven to look different on both sides.  This results in giving the jean two very different looks.  These two different looks are accomplished because now you can wear your jeans inside out for a new look without looking like you are wearing your jeans inside out.  The creativity and innovation behind this new look is that they utilize a double-headed tack button and a reversible zipper.  Your standard five pockets continue to be featured on either side although the front pockets are not functional pockets; however the rear pockets are functional.  These details are just some of the ways in which they achieve these two very distinctive looks.  Then with extensive fabric testing, construction research, and experimenting with washes, the new ‘reversible’ jean was born.  This allows you to wear the jean with one wash during the day and then flip the jean inside out and have a completely different look for the evening…all in one jean.

Some of the style options are the Reversible Curve 5 Pocket Legging in Alumina.  This jean is a whiskered light denim and the reverse side is dark indigo denim.  Or another style option is the Reversible Detour Legging in Granite.  This jean features a faded grey wash on one side and a black wash on the other.  One of their more dramatic differences in wash is their Detour Reversible Skinny in Plum.   This jean is a wax coated plum on one side and a charcoal gray on the other.  These different washes definitely help to create a completely different look in a matter of seconds.

I love this idea; imagine how much luggage space one could save when packing for a trip.  Instead of packing four pairs of jeans, one could pack two with the same number of outfits.  It’s like getting two pairs of jeans for the price of one!  Who wouldn’t love this concept?  Now that we know a little bit about Bleulab the brand, I can’t wait to do our first review on a pair.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at their Fall 2011 Collection!  www.bleulab.com

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