Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinny Jeans in Plum

I did a review a while back on Rag & Bone’s Skinnies in Salmon (see review here), which I purchased more out of curiosity than anything else.  Well, I’d fell in love with them the moment I tried them on.  These are the same style as those but in the Plum wash.  I decided to do this review even though we’d done a review on the same cut in the past because, although the fit is almost the same, the color turns these into an entirely different pair of pants.

With that being said, I’ll begin with the color.  The wash name is plum, which is a deep dark purple with a hint of burgundy mixed it.  It’s almost like an aubergine color but with a little burgundy hue.  I’m sure you can tell by now with my choice of colored denim that I am a fan of purple.  It’s no secret that I love purple!  So for me to justify getting another pair of purple colored denim, it had to be worth it.  These certainly are worth it!

The measurements on these are slightly different than some of the other Rag & Bone Skinnies I’ve reviewed.  For these, the rise measurement is 8 inches, leg opening is 10 inches, and inseam is 30 inches.  The material on these is also different.  These are made of 55% cotton, 42% tencel, and 3% spandex. The material is SUPER soft and comfortable.  They feel like cotton leggings.  I’d say these fit true to size, although I’m wearing one size larger than my normal size.  Because they cling to the shape of your leg, the larger size worked out ok for me.  But because there’s so much stretch to the material, my normal size probably would have worked out better.  So it’s a preference on how tight you like your skinny jeans to fit.  The waistband, in particular, has a lot of stretch as well, so I have to pull them up every once in a while.  This is another reason why I feel that my normal size would have worked out fine.

The washing instructions are:  Wash inside out in cold, hang dry.

Some celebrities seen wearing Rag & Bone Colored Skinnies are:  LeAnn Rimes, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Greene, Kelly Framel,  Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anna Kendrick.

These same skinnies also come in a Wine wash which is similar but slightly more on the burgundy side and also in Iris, which is a dark blue color.  Buy Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinny Jeans in Wine or Iris at ShopBop.


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