Denim with a Unique Approach, SOLD Design Lab

It’s always exciting for us here at StylePosts to introduce different, innovative denim brands.  With the many different brands available today, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line when buying more denim.  I mean, how many different styles can there possibly be?  If you’re a denim lover like we are, then you can answer that very easily.  What if a denim company took it a step further and created a new, revolutionary way of wearing denim?  Here is what we are talking about.

We’re happy to introduce to you a very unique brand, SOLD Design Lab.  You may remember them from some of our previous posts (see our Baby Bell Anklet and Cross Hatch Boyfriend Trouser reviews).  SOLD Design Lab’s styles have perfect fits for all body types, including petite, thin, tall, or curvy.  With their launch in 2009, the momentum of the unique pull-on jean and stylish zipped product built on very fast.  Within the first year, SOLD has opened up over 400 doors, specifically to boutiques and department stores nationwide, in addition to adding two more distributors in both Canada and the UK.  Now with such celebrity followings as Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johannson, Carmen Electra, and Cameron Diaz (to name just a few), SOLD has quickly become a favored denim brand.

With the ever popular current trend of skinny style jeans, the removal of a zipper allows for a cleaner and slimmer silhouette, eliminating bulk and adding additional comfort.  Whether their styles are with or without a zipper, one thing that consistently remains in all of their jeans is the superior denim virtual stretch technology, which was designed for both comfort and fit which are the fundamental elements of the company’s core principles for their products.

SOLD Design Lab can be found at a number of online sites such as and .  You can also find them directly from their website:

Take a look at some of the newest styles from SOLD’s latest Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book.  They’ve included some gorgeous flower prints and foil prints on their jeans.  I can’t wait to try some of their super stretch skinnies!  Also, stay tuned for some of SOLD’s styles on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.



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