J Brand Lovestory Jeans in Ink

We previously did a review on the J Brand Lovestory in Dark Vintage (see review here).  These are the same jeans in the Ink wash.  They were purchased around the same time as the Dark Vintage ones.  I really went overboard on my J Brand obsession when I discovered these jeans around 5 years ago.  I love that even 5 years later, they are still just as popular.  J Brand’s Lovestory jeans are definitely a classic and deserve to be placed in the Denim Hall of Fame (if ever there were one).

The cut on these are the same as the ones in Dark Vintage.  The rise is 7 inches.  They have a 2 inch thick waistband, which I feel really adds a nice flattering look to the hips.  The bottom hem also has a wider hem of 2 inches thick.  The inseam on these, however, is 30 inches.  I know that J Brand’s Lovestory jeans normally run longer (typically around 34+ inches), but this is the length I received them in.  I’m not sure if maybe they were meant to be part of their petite line, which J Brand later came out with.  So the length on these is shorter than I normally prefer to wear with my flared and wideleg jeans.  But I decided to keep them anyway because I loved how they fit otherwise.

The wash is Ink, which is a deep dark wash with little to no fading other than slight whiskering along the front.  These are a bit faded after years of wash and wear.  But the original color is more of a raw, dark blue.  I’d say these run true to size, although they do have quite a bit of stretch to them.  The Ink wash has more stretch than many of J brand’s other washes.

These have been seen on Megan Fox, Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Garner, Lily van der Woodsen, Olivia Munn, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Vanessa Hudgens, and countless other celebrities.

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