James Moto Jeans in Black Out

I recall when I first saw these in a store while traveling, I fell in love with them immediately. I figured I would go home and easily find them online or at a store somewhere to purchase. I was sadly mistaken. They were sold out fast! Luckily I was able to find them on sale online after searching the ends of the earth for them. I was ecstatic because I would have been willing to pay full price for them. These jeans are amazing!!

First, let’s start with the color. The wash is called Black Out. It’s a faded black color. Black jeans haven’t typically been a huge seller for me, but these were different. There is a faded vintage look to the wash which I love love love. The fit on these is so extremely flattering. I can’t emphasize that enough. Because of the skinny fit, it makes the legs look so much longer.

Made of 97% cotton and 3% lycra, they have a lot of stretch to them, making them so comfortable. I’d say these fit true to size. Skinny jeans can be tricky with the sizing. Like many skinnies, these have a lot of stretch, allowing you to even possibly go down in size if you like your jeans very fitted. However, because of the tight skinny fit throughout the leg, you can get away with going up one size which is what I did. I couldn’t find my regular size anywhere, but I had to have these jeans! The only thing about going up in size is that the waist is larger. I’d say these run a bit large along the waistline. I find myself having to pull them up from time to time. But along the thighs and calves, they feel fine in the larger size. As with many skinnies, they have a very tight fit so keep that in mind if you have thicker calves. They are extremely fitted along the thighs and calves.

The rise is 7 inches with a zipper fly. The inseam is 32 inches with a 10 inch leg opening. I’ve owned several motorcyle style jeans, but I have to say these are one of my favorites by far. The stitching along the legs is placed perfectly without giving that “sausage leg” look like many other motorcycle jeans do. These are so flattering, which is not easy for a motorcycle jean to do. And they aren’t very thick. They can still be worn in warmer weather because they’re made of a lightweight denim.

These are machine washable in cold, tumble dry low. Because of the darker color of the jeans, they tend to fade a bit as you wash them. But because the color is a faded wash, it doesn’t look bad as it fades. However, be mindful of the detergent you use and how you wash them to maintain the original color.

If you’ve been searching for these and can’t find them, don’t worry. James Jeans’ sister company, James Icon, did a remake of these jeans. From what I’ve seen of their photos, they look almost identical. Stay tuned for reviews on some of James Icon jeans.  Buy the James Jeans Icon Moto Legging in Black Out at Singer22.

Some celebrities seen wearing these are: Nicky Hilton and Whitney Port.

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    Super cute!

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    thanx for all the info… will have to keep an eye out to get my own pair!!

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    I learned a lot from this post, great help for me, thank you!

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