Bridal Diamond Palace, Inc.
550 S. Hill Street, Suite 575
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-5200

Located in the heart of the famous jewelry district of Los Angeles, Bridal Diamond Palace, Inc. is one of our go-to places for jewelry. Don’t let the name mislead you; this place is not limited only to brides. While they specialize in diamonds and high end jewelry, they certainly have a great deal of fun and more casual pieces as well.

Founded in 1989, Bridal Diamond Palace, Inc. (BDP) is a family operated business between two brothers who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the jewelry industry. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, go check them out. Have fun while you’re there because there’s a lot of fun pieces to see. They carry anything from high end diamond jewelry to fun colored stone rings, bracelets, earrings, and neckalaces.

While you’re there, ask for Nicolas and Christine.

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  1. Song says:

    What I love about BDP is not just that Nicolas is someone that is easy to talk with but that they do custom pieces. If you bring in or send them a picture of what you are looking for then they can do it. If you like a piece but want to change something on it to make it your very own then they can do that too. And even better…their price. You’ll be amazed. This little family owned can offer much more in service and they have something for EVERY budget…really. That’s why we LOVE BDP 🙂

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