To Splurge or Not To Splurge…How To Decide?

Have you ever asked yourself if a certain pair of shoes cost too much?   Have you ever sat in the shoe department surrounded by opened shoeboxes, from the many shoes that you tried on to finally find your perfect pair?  As you sit in that comfortable leather club chair you turn your ankle this way and that and point your toes just so.  Do you have a silent debate with your inner conscious about justifying the price tag associated with that perfect shoe?  How, if you buy this perfect pair, you’ll refrain from buying another pair of shoes for the next year, heck you won’t even look at another pair of shoes for the next year, because this perfect pair will go with everything and you won’t have a need for another pair.   Or maybe it wasn’t shoes that you had this struggle with but a handbag.  A beautiful handbag made of leather so soft it made your heart melt.   A leather handbag dyed so rich, the price tag paled in comparison.  Or maybe this isn’t you at all and you’ve never had such an emotional encounter with these material things.  Maybe you are just that responsible and practical.  If so, then read no further.  (Or you perhaps keep reading just to see how this article ends.)   If this IS you, then keep reading.  We may be able to help.

I think many of us have asked ourselves what is worth the splurge and what isn’t when it comes to building our wardrobe.  And because there are more of us with a limited budget than those of us with an unlimited budget, I decided to take a closer look into the idea of ‘splurging’.

Let’s define the word, splurge.  To splurge according to is “to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure, especially a costly one.”  So splurging is to indulge oneself in some luxury.  Nothing wrong with that as long as it is in moderation, of course.  A little splurging here and there is actually healthy for you, no?  I equate it to having a glass of wine at the end of each day.  The many health benefits of drinking a glass of red wine as long as it is consumed in moderation is well documented.  There is that key word again, ‘moderation’.  Just as drinking too much wine, splurging too much can find you in situations you may not want to be in.  Be careful.

Two key points that I think are important when it comes to the idea of splurging and should be mentioned now are the following.  Keep these in mind as you read along:

1.     Splurging is defined by one’s budget.  Everyone’s idea of splurging is different.  

2.  Those that look the best in what they wear are those that love what they are wearing.  This is regardless of price.

Now let’s talk about the question at hand.  How do we know what is good to splurge on and what is something that can be more budget friendly?  Here’s my personal take.   Splurge on your ‘staple’ pieces.  When I say staple, I mean the pieces that are going to work the hardest and longest for you.  These are apparel and even accessories that are going to last you many seasons to come, pieces that never go out of style.  For example, let’s tackle the obvious…splurge on denim.  I have spent many years trying on many different brands of denim.  There is nothing like a great pair of designer denim.  I say splurge on denim; because denim is something that everyone wears.  Denim never goes out of style.  Now there are some trendy washes and designs but that is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about your everyday blue denim.  Splurge, splurge, and splurge.  You can’t beat the fit of a well-made jean and your designer denim will serve you for many years to come and it will only get better with wash and wear.  It’s truly worth the price.  I have jeans that I purchased more than seven years ago that still look brand new and I still love and wear them today.  That to me is worth the return on my investment in terms of clothes.  Other key pieces to consider splurging on:

1 – The white blouse

2 – A black dress

3 – Casual jacket like a blazer (this piece allows you to layer and create different looks easily)

When it comes to shoes, I find that spending a little more makes my feet more comfortable when I wear them, and comfortable feet are happy feet.  But I also find that there are many alternatives with very similar styles when it comes to shoes.  So really, the choice is yours whether or not you splurge on them.   Here are some suggestions on what I consider your staple in the shoe department.

1 – Black heels (pumps or sandals depending on personal style)

2 – Nude/Neutral heels (pumps or sandals depending on personal style)

3 – Tall boot

4 – Bootie boot (The right pair of bootie will go with just about everything you put on, shorts, skirt, jeans, etc.)

One last area that I think is worth the splurge is in the handbag department.  Handbags are another staple piece.  Look for a handbag that has a classic design to it and it will last you many seasons and will go with many outfits.  Spending a little bit more on your handbag will also give you quality stitching and materials that will hold up with having all your ‘stuff’ in it.  And let’s face it ladies, we all have the need for a handbag.  We might as well carry our ‘stuff’ in something nice.

So, what are left are the things that I feel are perfect within budget.   The rest of your tops to go with your designer denim are something that doesn’t require a splurge.  Why?  Because there are so many fun and affordable options in this department that why spend more when you don’t really have to.  The trendy shoes that you wear with specific outfits (like a leopard print pump) are another area where the budget will be happy.  And accessories are almost always available within everyone’s budget.

Although, these are my personal suggestions on how to allocate a personal shopping budget, let’s go back to the two key points previously mentioned.

 1.     Splurging is defined by one’s budget.  Everyone’s idea of splurging is different.  

This means that splurging for some means a Gucci crystal embellished pump and for the rest of us, splurging is way less.  And really, no one will judge you otherwise.  Splurging to me is an emotion.  It’s the feeling you get when you have your eye on that something special and it is a little out of reach but you buy it anyway because you are worth it.  It’s a little pat on the back for yourself from yourself.  That’s splurging.

 2.     Those that look the best in what they wear are those that love what they are wearing.  This is regardless of price.

A high price tag doesn’t guarantee a good look.   A good look is knowing what you like and being able to put it together in a manner that makes you feel good when you are wearing it.   I can honestly say that the women in my life who I consider the best dressed happen to be the ones that are comfortable with what they are wearing not necessarily the ones who spend the most.  Have you ever seen a woman in a high priced pump that is just ever so slightly limping because her shoes are just not right for her?  It takes away from her whole look.

Bottom line?  Splurge wisely and happily.  And look great doing it!

Happy shopping 🙂


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