2012 Fall Trends – What are we seeing this Fall?

My favorite time of the year is quickly approaching.  For most of you, it means cooler temperatures and enjoying the look of layering your favorite pieces together and beginning to bundle up a little bit more.   This means getting out your sweaters, cardigans, jackets, blazers, scarves, and boots because Fall is almost here!

Although for me, the weather doesn’t change too terribly much in the Fall, it does remind me of the change in weather when I use to live in the U.S.  I especially loved the smell of Fall.  You could smell it and feel it in the air.  I remember the cool crispness of the autumn breezes and the slow changes of color on all the trees.  It is a beautiful time of year.  And with this beautiful time of year, let’s talk beautiful fashion trends!

A lot of new trends are coming your way this season that we are very excited about.  Here are just a few that we are following for you this Fall…

Colored jeans were a big hit this past season and they will continue on into this season.  Look for jeans in these great colors.  We are finding are that these colors are well represented among many of the denim designers in the new collections.  Look for these great wash names in the jeans…pelt (similar to Rhapsody), nightfall (similar to Olympian Blue below), lagoon (similar to Ultramarine Green), and moss (similar to Honey Gold) – just to name a few.


Another great trend that we are following are the metallics.   Metallics are big this season and if you see them, you’ll know why.  They are very eye catching.  Not only do they come in rich solid shades; they are also coming in prints as well!  These jeans are not for everyone so I’m curious to see how they will do this season.

Take a look at these great pieces.

(From left to right: The skinny in liquid metallic copper, The skinny in laser gold floral, The skinny in liquid metallic rose metal, and The skinny in copper cheetah – All by 7ForAllMankind)



Something else to look for are all the prints.  There are so many prints to choose from there is a something for everyone.  Some of the prints include florals, paisleys, houndstooth, damasks, brocades, and other abstract/bold prints.  Prints were so popular this past season.  You’ll find these great prints not only denim, but you’ll also see them printed on corduroys too.  Combining the fall muted shades and fabulous prints; we have a wonderful selection to choose from.  Take a look at these.

(From left to right: The floral stiletto jeans in black wildflower by Current/Elliott, The multi zip stiletto jeans in grey camo by Current/Elliott, 811 mid rise brocade jeans in black brocade by JBrand, The skinny in wildflower by 7ForAllMankind, Nico mid rise super skinny in purple galaxy by Hudson Jeans.)


Some other trends that are making their way this season has to do with fit.  If you have been looking for some higher rises on your jeans, this season is the right time to find them.  In addition to higher rises, we’re also seeing some more loose fit jeans out there (which I am a particular fan of).

Hope you will stay tuned this season as we review our favorites and popular jeans.  As always, happy shopping!



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