J Brand L8001 Leather Super Skinny Leggings in Grey

When it comes to fashion, some items on the very top of my list are jeans (of course!) and leather.  When you put them together, what do they make? For me, it’s J Brand’s L8001 Leather Super Skinny Leggings, and what a combination this is!

I first noticed these particular jeans several months ago earlier in the year when the weather was still fairly cool.  My jaw nearly dropped to the floor.  I could not believe I could have an instant love affair with an article of clothing right off the hanger.  But it really did happen.  Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find my size.  I tried scouring the ends of the earth for my size, but to no avail.  I sadly gave up my quest over time.  But just recently, I came across a pair in my size.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to pull off wearing these pants in the summer.  Most people could just hold off and hang onto them until the weather cooled down in the fall.  But as impatient as I am, I cannot hold off that long. Once I get something new that I LOVE, I have to wear them yesterday.  Luckily for me, these pants are not at all hot and clingy.  In fact, one of the things that I absolutely love about these pants is how unbelievably comfortable they are.  Although they’re made of 100% Italian lambskin leather, the inside of the legs are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, which allow them to feel light-weight and silky smooth.  And it allows for the pants to slip right on and off.  The leather is extremely soft.  There is so much stretch to these pants.  I can see myself sitting very comfortably on a long flight wearing these pants.  They are really that comfortable.  (Did I mention I love these pants?!)

The color is called grey, which is a dark grey with a hint of a brown undertone.  I love the color on these!  I love that they’re still a neutral color without looking like every other pair of dark black leather pants.  The fit is tight, as they cling to every part of the leg and have faux front pockets.  At first glance, they look really tiny before trying them on.  But they stretch quite a bit once they’re on, and they do run a bit larger than most J Brand skinnies normally fit.  I’d say these run about a half size larger than most J Brand Skinnies.  And they do stretch out a bit after some wear, which is pretty typical of leather.  So if you’re in between sizes, I’d recommend going down in size.

The only downfall to these is the price tag.  They’re definitely more expensive than your average pair of designer jeans.  But when you feel the leather, you will know why.  They look and feel super luxurious.  And leather, in my opinion, is a staple piece that will take you into many seasons to come.  I foresee a lot of leather jean sightings this upcoming season.

The inseam is 28 inches which hits nicely at my ankles.  These are very slim fitting with a 9 inch leg opening.  But the outer hem has a hidden zipper that’s almost 8 inches long that allows for an easier leg entrance.  The rise is 7 ½ inches.

These have been seen on Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Dakota Fanning, Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, and Alanis Morissette, just to name a few.

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J Brand Leather Legging in Grey can also be found at Revolve Clothing,
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  1. Alexandra says:

    Hi! What size did you settle on? I would like to purchase but have no clue what size to choose.

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