DIY…How to fray your denim.

The idea for this article came from a pair of jeans that I wanted that didn’t come in my inseam.

Joe’s has a micro flare jean (Joe’s Jeans The Skinny Micro Flare Jean on the right) that I have been trying to track down in my inseam.  

It’s beautiful, right? I’ve even contacted Joe’s without success.  Normally, I can get the jeans tailored but with a micro flare and the fray, I wasn’t so sure.  I fear that I’ll lose the micro flare look when I get the hem taken up not to mention the integrity of the fray. I love that fray look on this jean.  After a month of unsuccessful attempts at getting a custom pair I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I decided to fray an old pair of jeans that was a similar wash and look as the Joe’s Jeans.






The jeans that I chose to ‘facelift’ are my True Religion Brand Billy Jeans.  I’ve had these jeans for many years and they still look new.  But alas, these jeans have served me well over the many years and I’m ready for a second look.  This jean is also medium wash, similar to the Joe’s Jeans.  Unfortunately, my True Religions are a straight leg cut and so I will miss the micro flare look but that is ok.


What you will need:

A pair of jeans


Measuring tape

Seam ripper (or some other tool to help pull denim threading)

Let’s get started:

1.   Pre wash your jeans.  Depending on the jeans, you may want to wash a few times to ensure that there is no shrinking after you cut the hem.
2.   Measure your desired inseam with a measuring tape.  I recommend giving yourself a little extra in length for the fraying.

3.   Cut the hem

4.   At this point, I like to wash and dry the jeans so that I can get the fraying started.  Also, I wash the jeans with other denim to assist with the agitation process of loosening the threads.  After washing, you’ll notice the threading coming loose.  I recommend cutting them at this point.

5.   Here is the key to creating the fray.  If you look closely inside the hem of your jean, you’ll notice the horizontal threads that make your denim.  These horizontal threads are what need to be pulled to create the fraying.  Each row will lengthen your fray.  It is at this point, that I take my seam ripper and begin to pull those horizontal threading.

6.   Now in order to give my fray a more naturally occurring look, I take my scissors and make some vertical snips into the fray, similar to what they do at a hair salon when you ask for bangs.  I snip in vertical or diagonals.  The purpose of this is to create imperfection.  I don’t want my fray to look like a blunt bang at my feet.  I want a jagged and irregular fray.  Since we are looking for imperfection, you simply can’t go wrong with how you are snipping into the fray.
7.   Last, I wash and dry the jeans again.  This fray look will only get better with each wash.  And there you go.  You have your newly frayed jeans that are almost like giving yourself a new pair of jeans.  Enjoy!

Fraying old jeans is an excellent way to give your jeans a new look.  Don’t let a good pair of jeans go unworn.  Get your scissors and get creative.  One of the beautiful things about denim is that there is no wrong way to wear it.  Whether you want a clean look or a distressed look, jeans can deliver.   Now, go get frayed 🙂

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