Frankie B My BFF Leggings in Jewel

When I think of the ultimate in low rise jeans, Frankie B is the first brand to come to mind.  More recently, Frankie B seems to have made their rises a bit higher which was fine with me because gone are the days when I embraced ultra low rise jeans, although I still LOVE the look of it.  (If you can get away with it, more power to ya!)  But this season, Frankie B seems to have returned to their roots and gone back to the super low rise jeans.  These are Frankie B’s My BFF Leggings.

In case you’re wondering what I mean by super low rise, these have a 6 ½ inch rise.  What makes them even lower is that their back rise is lower than the average designer low rise jean.  Frankie B’s rear pockets are great on those with a smaller rear because of their low pocket placements.  It gives a lift and dimension to the derriere, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your body type.

The color is called Jewel which I’d best describe as a bright fuschia color.  It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the color purple, so it’s obvious why I liked these so much.  The bold brightness of this color reminds me of something the ever great designer, Karl Lagerfeld, was recently quoted saying…”Don’t take things too seriously, especially not fashion.”  I couldn’t agree with him more.  Although I’m not a terribly huge risk taker with my clothes, I do try to step out of my comfort zone from time to time.

The inseam is 30 ½ inches.  Frankie B tends to make their skinnies with a slightly longer inseam than most other designer denim, which is a good thing for those of you blessed with height.  For the rest of us, it’s nothing a good tailor can’t easily fix.   There’s a lot of elasticity to the material, made of 42% lyocell, 33% cotton, 15% rayon, 9% polyester, 1% spandex.  Frankie B is a bit tricky with their sizing.  If you have very thin thighs and calves, I’d say to go with your normal size.  If  you are a bit thicker in the thighs and/or calves, I’d say go up a size.  These do stretch out a decent amount with some wear, but they’re very fitted along the thighs and calves, which is pretty typical of most Frankie B skinny jeans.  The leg opening on these is 9 inches.

Washing instructions are:  Dry clean or machine wash cold inside out, do not bleach, tumble dry warm, warm iron if needed.

Buy Frankie B. Jeans My BFF Legging in Jewel and other colors at Revolve Clothing.


2 Responses to “Frankie B My BFF Leggings in Jewel”
  1. Amanda says:

    I used to LOVE Frankie B. low rise too! I was actually going to buy these, which is what led me to your review. Revolve Clothing has the rise listed at 7.5 inches for these? I wonder why the discrepancy…? I tend to trust user reviews more than website descriptions, so when you say 6.5 inch rise, I’m assuming that’s the front rise. Whats the back rise like, 10.5-11 inches? I’m so happy to hear that Frankie B. is going back “to their roots” with the lower rises, I’ll have to buy more than few pairs if thats true!

    • Susan says:

      Yes, the front rise is 6 1/2 inches. The back rise is about 11 inches. I’m not sure why Revolve lists the front rise as 7 1/2 inches. It may be because measurements vary slightly with different sizes. I believe Revolve uses size 27 to do their measurements, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.
      Let us know how you like yours if you happen to purchase them. 🙂

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