Current/Elliott The Multi Zip Stiletto in Grey Camo

Next to distressed jeans, holey jeans, I love camouflage jeans. I have a thing for men’s style, print, etc.  I love wearing my husband’s clothes.  There is something sexy about wearing men’s clothes.  So, today, I present to you Current/Elliott’s Multi Zip Stiletto in Grey Camo.  Zippers were popular last year and they seem to be carrying into this season as well.  Originally, I wasn’t so sure about this camouflage print because it isn’t the traditional military camouflage.  It has hints of burgundy with the olive green but after some wear; I find that I do like the colors in this jean.  It’s a refreshing change to the traditional camouflage.

More than the print and colors, I love the cut.  Current/Elliott’s Stiletto style is one of the most comfortable fitting skinny jeans I have worn.  (If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend getting yourself a pair.)  Current/Elliott’s stiletto jeans are not restricting and still manage to give you that skinny look we love.  I love the antiqued side zippers on the legs to close the cuffs.  Additional hardware is a nice touch with the camouflage print.   I also like the double zippers on the hips pockets but really, I would prefer that they were not there.  I’m afraid that the hip zippers will snag my t-shirts.  I guess, one way around this would be to wear shorter shirts with this jean.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look but really I hate it when my t-shirts get those little holes it the front from my low-rise zippers.

These jeans run true to size and as always regarding Current/Elliott, the denim is super comfortable.  The length on these are perfect.  They are not too long and they are not too short.  In my opinion, this is a very casual jean that I would wear with my favorite t-shirt.  You can’t go wrong with a simple style as this.

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Washing Instructions:  Machine wash warm.  Do not bleach.  Tumble dry low heat.  Iron low heat.


Inseam:  28” Material:  98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
Rise:  7.5” Back Rise: 11”
  Measurement of Leg Opening:  9”

**Measurements may vary slight with size. **


5 Responses to “Current/Elliott The Multi Zip Stiletto in Grey Camo”
  1. epark says:

    oh i was just thinking i wanted some camo pants… but wasn’t too sure cuz it seemed so….military? with all the greens but i like the coloring on these…

  2. GM says:

    Nice – I like th military influence but rather than buttons and conventional regimental influences I like how they went for cammo but kept it feminine. Out of interest – a few months ago you said you’d start doing lucky reviews – have you tried any of the Charlies of Siennas?

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