Ksubi Spray On Jeans in Dirty Cammo

I’d been curious to try this brand for some time now.  I attempted to wear a pair of their shorts some time ago, but they were way too short for what I’m comfortable with.  So they had to go back.  But that didn’t alleviate my curiosity to try a pair of their jeans.  For those of you who are new to Ksubi, it’s an Australian brand that has built quite a significant presence into the international market.  The jeans I’m reviewing today are Ksubi Spray-On Jeans in Dirty Cammo.

First thing’s first, I have to mention the fit on these because they fit like no other jeans I’ve ever owned.  These are seriously the tightest fitting jeans I have ever tried.  When they call these the “Spray On” jeans, I can see why.  They are snug from top to bottom, with very little stretch or elasticity.  I found it really difficult to move in these jeans.  Not only are they extremely fitted throughout the thighs and calves, they are also very tight on the knees.  It’s very difficult for me to bend my legs in these jeans because the material feels very stiff.  Made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, I really don’t feel much elasticity to these at all.  And the waist band is also extremely tight.  These run about a full size small.  And do keep in mind that they have a particularly tight fit along the calves.

With that all being said, I actually fell in love with these jeans the moment I (finally) got them on.  Although I had to quite literally shimmy my way into them, once I got them on I fell in love with them.  Ok, ok, so they aren’t the most comfortable pair of jeans.  But if you put looks over comfort, then you might love these just as much as I do.  The rear pockets are positioned in a way to give a lift to the rear.  The simple five pocket classic design speaks for itself in the way that they fit and hug every inch of the leg.  The wash is called Dirty Cammo.  I’ve tried several different camouflage jeans before.  In fact, we recently reviewed a couple of pair of camo jeans (see Song’s review on Current Elliott’s here and my review on TEXTILE Elizabeth and James here).  I did really like the look and fit on those as well.  But there is something especially great about the fit on these.  And I particularly love the camouflage pattern on these.  There’s a clean look to the camo pattern, but it’s also stone washed to give a very slight vintage appeal.

The rise is 8 ½ inches, making these a mid-rise jean.  There’s a hidden inner ankle zipper that’s almost 6 inches long.  When zipped, the leg opening is 9 inches.  The inseam is 27 inches, which is such a perfect length for me.  It hits right at my ankles, which works great for me because I can wear any shoes, heels or flats, with an inseam of this length.  (Keep in mind that measurements may vary slightly with different sizes).

Washing instructions are: Machine wash in cold, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not iron (due to the print).

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Ksubi-feature cropped





Ksubi-camo close

Ksubi-rear close

8 Responses to “Ksubi Spray On Jeans in Dirty Cammo”
  1. Steph says:

    do they stretch out after a few wears/wash?

    • Susan says:

      Hi Steph. They stretch out just a little bit after wear but not much really. They are very tight fitting and remain pretty tight even after you wear them.

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