Current/Elliott Slouchy Stiletto Jeans in Old Glory

I happened to be browsing the racks of my local NORDSTROM. when I came across this pair of jeans.  I love when a particular clothing item, jeans in particular, really stand out and catch my eye.  That’s precisely what happened when I saw these.  But, of course, my size was sold out.  So I had to wait anxiously for my size to be restocked somewhere…anywhere!  But the waiting paid off because I finally came across a pair.  These are Current/Elliott... Read More

J Brand Aidan Distressed Boy Fit Jeans in Gemini

Today’s jeans for review are JBrand’s Aidan Boy-Fit Jeans in Gemini.  They have been in our queue for quite a while.  I’ve been looking forward to trying them on and seeing what is making them so popular (aside from the fact that they are JBrand Jeans).  Lately, I have been living and loving in my Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jeans (see my review here or Susan’s review here) so I’m very curious to see how these compare.   For starters,... Read More

Lucky Brand Sienna Cigarette Jeans in Medium Bystander

With the current heat wave going on, I’m all about comfort these days.  A perfect pair of boyfriend jean is just the ticket for that.  If you are with me on this, and you are a fan of boyfriend jeans, then I highly recommend this particular pair from our friends at Lucky Brand.  These are Lucky Brand Sienna Cigarette Jeans. This particular pair has easily become one of my favorite pairs of jeans for several reasons.  For one, the cut on these... Read More

Current/Elliott The Skinny Boy Jeans in Brighton

These jeans take me back to a place four years ago when I was hearing about all this hype over a new denim brand called Current/Elliott.  I remember precisely the day when I tried on my first pair of their boyfriend jeans and could not believe the comfort in them.  This particular pair takes me right back to that day, where my awe for their style and comfort remains the same.  These are Current/Elliott The Skinny Boy. I’m particularly fond of... Read More

Siwy Kendra Slouchy Skinny Jeans in I Don’t Care

When I think of Siwy jeans, I think of the ultimate in cropped skinny fit jeans.  So I had to think twice before opting for a completely different style jean in this brand.  Well, I’m so glad that I tried these jeans because they are amazing.  These are Siwy Kendra Slouchy Skinny Jeans. I love the fit on these jeans. I’m partial to slim fitting boyfriend style jeans, which is precisely what these are.  They have a slim fit, but they’re also... Read More

Citizens of Humanity Fusion Billow Pocket Loose Fit Crop Jeans in Runaway

I am really loving the big and baggy this season.  I realize that there are a ton of great prints and colors out but really the super relaxed and comfortable is what works for me these days.  It allows me to get down on the floor and play with my kids without the restraint of very fitted clothes.  The comfort is just too hard to pass up these days.   And I love that it offers me something different than the usual loungewear that I am tempted... Read More

J Brand Aoki Jeans in Vintage Star

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these jeans ever since I saw a glimpse of them in some retail photo shoots for this season.  I fell in love with J Brand’s Aoki jeans in the Obsessed wash (see our review here), and they’ve literally been one of my all time favorite jeans ever since.  So I was really excited to see J Brand come out with new washes in this cut, particularly interesting washes such as these.  These are J Brand’s... Read More

Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jean in Super Loved Destroy Wash

An hour and a half outside of Bogota, is a private members only resort called Altos del Chicala.  It’s a world away from the concrete busy city.  Here the weather is warm and moist and reminds me of what a tropical paradise would be.  Everything around you is lush green and the trees all bear exotic fruit like pitayas and mangos.  It feels very natural and untouched. It’s one of the most beautiful places that I have been to yet. My family... Read More

True Religion Brianna Pony Express Boyfriend Jeans in Duster

Well….I’m Baaack!  For those of you who have followed us since last year, you know that I welcomed a beautiful little girl into my family recently.   Thanks Susan for doing so much while I spent time cooing over my new little one. So for my first review back, what else would I review other than a pair of True Religion Brand Jeans (TRBJ).   For those that know me, True Religion Brand Jeans are a favorite of mine.  Today, we have True Religion’s... Read More

Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans in Georgie

I admittedly haven’t had much luck finding the right pair of Joe’s Jeans.  I never felt like any of their jeans that I’ve tried fit me quite right.  But I have to say, these have definitely caused me to reconsider this brand.  These are Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans, then you should read on.  Of all the boyfriend jeans I’ve tried, these come close to just about the perfect pair. ... Read More

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