Rag & Bone/JEAN RBW 23 Leather Pants in Black Leather

So I mentioned in some previous posts how I absolutely love leather.  And I knew leather would hit the scene hard this Fall.  This particular pair is definitely one of my favorites of the many leather pants out on the market currently.  These are Rag & Bone/JEAN RBW 23 Leather Pants. This season, it will be difficult to avoid leather, as designers have sent a slew of leather pieces down the runway, whether they were slim, baggy, cropped, or... Read More

Current/Elliott The Rolled Skinny in Indigo Leopard

It’s no secret that denim has taken prints to a fashion high.  My favorite print from last year was the leopard print and due to it’s popularity, Current/Elliott brought it back this year too.  My initial interest in the leopard print came from Current/Elliott’s The Stiletto in Grey Leopard (see Susan’s review).   Today I would like to introduce Current/Elliott’s The Rolled Skinny in Indigo Leopard.  I love the combination of indigo... Read More

Joe’s Easy Fit Crop Jeans in Deedi

I’ve been into comfort lately when it comes to my denim.  And my wardrobe as of late has consisted more of casual pieces.  I seem to wear styles in droves, usually the themes following whatever my lifestyle of the moment is.  My days lately have required clothing that is comfortable, quick, and easy to wear, so it’s probably easy to guess what attracted me to these jeans.  These are Joe’s Easy Fit Cropped Jeans.  We did a review on this... Read More

Current/Elliott Multi Zip Stiletto Jeans in Rebel

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Current/Elliott is one of my favorite brands of denim.  In addition, the Stiletto style in particular is my favorite of their different styles.  Given the zipper trend going on with denim lately, I thought these were a nice combination.  These are Current/Elliott Multi Zip Stiletto Jeans. I love the cut on these.  One of the things I love about Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans is the flattering fit.  They’re... Read More

Joe’s High Water Jeans in Keri

Joe’s Jeans is a brand that is known for their pioneering concept of body specific fits.  This past year, I’ve had the privilege of trying several new styles by this brand, and not one of them has disappointed me so far.  This style is Joe’s High Water Jeans in Keri. The fit on these is considered a skinny style, although they’re a bit more relaxed than many skinny jeans that I’ve owned.  Don’t get me wrong, skinny jeans is one of my... Read More

Current/Elliott Slouchy Stiletto Jeans in Old Glory

I happened to be browsing the racks of my local NORDSTROM. when I came across this pair of jeans.  I love when a particular clothing item, jeans in particular, really stand out and catch my eye.  That’s precisely what happened when I saw these.  But, of course, my size was sold out.  So I had to wait anxiously for my size to be restocked somewhere…anywhere!  But the waiting paid off because I finally came across a pair.  These are Current/Elliott... Read More

Siwy Ruthie Cropped Jeans in Forbidden Love

I’ve been really into grey jeans lately.  They’re very neutral and just as versatile as any other blue jean.  But they have a bit more of an edge which I like, particularly this pair, Siwy Ruthie Jeans in Forbidden Love. We’ve done a review on Siwy’s Ruthie Jean in the past (see here), but I decided to do this review because the different wash really changes the look of these jeans.  The wash is called Forbidden Love which is a grey color... Read More

J Brand Aidan Distressed Boy Fit Jeans in Gemini

Today’s jeans for review are JBrand’s Aidan Boy-Fit Jeans in Gemini.  They have been in our queue for quite a while.  I’ve been looking forward to trying them on and seeing what is making them so popular (aside from the fact that they are JBrand Jeans).  Lately, I have been living and loving in my Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jeans (see my review here or Susan’s review here) so I’m very curious to see how these compare.   For starters,... Read More

Lucky Brand Sienna Cigarette Jeans in Medium Bystander

With the current heat wave going on, I’m all about comfort these days.  A perfect pair of boyfriend jean is just the ticket for that.  If you are with me on this, and you are a fan of boyfriend jeans, then I highly recommend this particular pair from our friends at Lucky Brand.  These are Lucky Brand Sienna Cigarette Jeans. This particular pair has easily become one of my favorite pairs of jeans for several reasons.  For one, the cut on these... Read More

Current/Elliott The Skinny Boy Jeans in Brighton

These jeans take me back to a place four years ago when I was hearing about all this hype over a new denim brand called Current/Elliott.  I remember precisely the day when I tried on my first pair of their boyfriend jeans and could not believe the comfort in them.  This particular pair takes me right back to that day, where my awe for their style and comfort remains the same.  These are Current/Elliott The Skinny Boy. I’m particularly fond of... Read More

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