Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans in Pollock

I hope you’re all enjoying the last days of summer for this year.  It hasn’t cooled down much (at all!) where I am, so it’s not feeling much like Fall yet.  But Fall fashion is certainly one of my favorites, which means I can look forward to pulling out my jeans.  Today’s review is on Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans.  We’ve done a couple of reviews in the past on Paige Verdugo’s (see our reviews in Houndstooth Wonderland, Tumble,... Read More

7 For All Mankind The Skinny in Wildflower

I saw these and couldn’t help but think ‘Fall’.  These jeans are 7 For All Mankind’s The Skinny in Wildflower.  I think Fall when I see these jeans because of the purple, navy, orange, and olive colors that are filled in this wash so appropriately called ‘Wildflower’.  These are beautifully deep and rich hues.  The tag on this jean even mentions just how rich these colors are on the jeans with the following information: “ Our jean... Read More

J Brand 620 Super Skinny Jeans in Lavish

We’ve had a serious heat wave out where I am, so the thought of wearing skinny jeans right now is as appealing as eating saltine crackers on a deserted desert.  That is, until I encountered these…J Brand 620 Super Skinny Jeans. Since the whole colored denim trend emerged a couple of years ago, I have worn just about every shade of purple and burgundy on the color spectrum.  So I wasn’t sure if another pair of somewhat purplish colored pair... Read More

Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinnies in Bleach Out

I am always leery about purchasing light colored clothing of any kind.  So although I thought these were so cute when I saw them, I was really hesitant about purchasing them.  With the combination of my own clumsiness, on top of my kids’ soles of their shoes somehow always touching my legs, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to keep these clean.  But with all that, I still had to try them because I just loved the color on these.  These are... Read More

Rich & Skinny Legacy Skinny in Giraffe Print Sand

Today’s review is for my first Rich & Skinny Legacy Skinny in Giraffe Print Sand.  Whenever I think of animal print anything, I think of leopard, snake, crocodile, or even ostrich.  Giraffe rarely comes to mind when I think of animal print on apparel.   When I saw the jeans in person, I found that I liked the print.  It was a great giraffe replica without the boldness of it.  I ordered these from and noticed that... Read More

AG Adriano Goldschmied Super Skinny Legging Ankle in Pin Dot Red

When I was in my early twenties, I recall someone telling me that when you start getting older your eye will gravitate more to bright, bold colors.  Back then, I was into mainly black, grays, and other more neutral colors.  Well, there’s something to be said about what he told me because now I’m really enjoying seeing all the color this season.  These jeans in particular really caught my eye because of the color.  Today’s review is on AG... Read More

Rag & Bone/JEAN Khaki Tuxedo Skinny Jeans

We reviewed a pair of Rag & Bone Midnight Tuxedo Jeans earlier this year (see our review here), which I fell in love with and have become one of my favorite jeans I’ve ever owned.  So I wanted to expand my tuxedo collection by trying these out.  Although they’re by the same maker, they’re different jeans in many ways.  These are Rag & Bone Khaki Tuxedo Jeans. I actually noticed these a couple of months ago when I first purchased my... Read More

Diesel Livier Jeggings in 882P

When I think of Diesel jeans, I don’t usually think of super skin tight jeans.  So I was really surprised (and pleasantly surprised at that) by the fit of these jeans when I put them on for the first time.  These are Diesel Livier Jeggings in 0882P. Let me begin with the fit.  Jeggings are typically very fitted jeans, which is exactly how these fit.  They are skin tight throughout the thighs and calves, with an 11 inch leg opening.   Made... Read More

Paige Premium Verdugo Jeggings in Tumble

I’ve been really fascinated by all of the many different kinds of printed denim that have come out.  There are so many to choose from, whether it’s plaid, stripes, flowers, animal print, or in this case, a splash of multiple colors.  These are Paige Premium Denim’s Ultra Skinny Verdugo Jeggings in Tumble. When I first saw the print on these jeans, I immediately fell in love with the colors.  They’re a mix of all of my favorite shades, so... Read More

Paige Ultra Skinny Verdugo Jeggings in Dusk

I’d been curious to try a pair of Paige Verdugo Jeggings for some time now.  I’ve seen them around, and they seem to have a nice fit on those that I’ve seen wearing them.   I tried on a pair once before, but they didn’t seem to fit right on me.  They felt a bit loose and tight in all the wrong places.  But I was really pleased when I tried this particular pair on.  From my experience with Paige Premium Jeans, the fit and sizes vary quite... Read More

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