Hudson GNC Collin Jeans in Green Camo

Camouflage made quite a presence these past couple of seasons, and I personally took advantage of the many styles that were available.  We did several reviews on camo style jeans, such as Ksubi, Current/Elliott, TEXTILE Elizabeth and James, and 7 For All Mankind.  Just when I thought we’d pretty much saturated the camo denim options, these came along and I just couldn’t resist.  These are Hudson Jeans GNC Collin in Green Camo. Finding the perfect... Read More

Joe’s Jeans Easy Cut Off Shorts in Nyore

My summer rotation so far has consisted of shorts, shorts, and more shorts.  These in particular have been an absolute staple to my wardrobe this season.  These are Joe’s Jeans – Vintage Reserve Easy Cut Off Short.  While everyone’s personal style calls for varying must-have’s, we have to agree that one summer piece that every girl should own is a pair of denim cut-off shorts.  There is something about denim cut off shorts that... Read More

Joe’s Jeans Shirtall in Sandie

I’m really happy to do today’s review because I was so excited to share this with you all.  I love finding pieces that stand out and are set apart from other things that we typically review.  This is Joe’s Jeans Shirtall which is basically a denim romper.  The beauty of denim rompers, this one in particular, is that they are extremely versatile.  The whole outfit can change from an inherently casual daytime wear to a chic evening ensemble... Read More

Free People Cut Off Shorts in Summer Sky

With summer in full swing, I’ve been living in shorts lately.  And this pair in particular has been frequenting my rotation the most.  These are Free People Cutoff Shorts in Summer Sky. I noticed a friend of mine wearing these shorts, and I just couldn’t resist admiring them.  At first glance they may look like any other denim cut off shorts.  But there is something about the color that adds a little uniqueness to these.  The wash name is... Read More

Rag & Bone/JEAN Burney Vest in Mender

We recently did a post about how to wear your denim vest (see here).  Since then, I’d been in search of the perfect denim vest.  Luckily there are a lot to choose from this season.  This one is definitely one of my favorites so far.  This is rag & bone/JEAN Burney Vest. What I like most about this vest is the shape.  For me personally, the boxiness works.  I like that the shoulders are a bit broader (a 5 inch shoulder length), given that... Read More

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Short in Riley Destruction

So my shorts quest continues as the weather continues to consistently stay warm.  Summer must be upon us now because I find myself having to check the daily forecast a lot less these days.  These are Paige Jimmy Jimmy Shorts.  The thing about Paige Denim that I have issues with is their somewhat inconsistency in sizing.  I have some Paige jeans that are a full size small up to others that run almost two sizes large.  So when shopping for their... Read More

Current/Elliott Letterman Tee in Indigo With Stars

We get a lot of questions from our readers regarding our tops and shoes, so today I decided to do a review on a new Current/Elliott top.  This is Current/Elliott The Letterman Sweatshirt Tee. As with their denim, Current/Elliott has mastered clothing in the comfort department.  This top feels so worn in and soft, comfortable enough to sleep in.  The material is made of 100% cotton, and feels like it’s been worn for years.  The sleeve hems are... Read More

Current/Elliott The Festival Short in Shipwreck Destroy

I’ve been in a shorts kind of mood lately, and Current/Elliott always has such comfortable styles.  These are a little different from their Boyfriend shorts, which we’ve reviewed several times in the past (see the most recent one in Summer Love here).  These are Current/Elliott The Festival Shorts. The fit on these shorts is a little different than what I’m used to coming from Current/Elliott.  They’re more fitted.  In fact, I’d say... Read More

Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinny Jeans in Rock With Holes

The beauty of black jeans is that they can be worn for many occasions.  They’re easy to dress from day to evening, and they’re a classic that really don’t go out of style.  Keeping black jeans black can be the tricky part.  So what I appreciate about these jeans is that the faded look actually adds to the beauty of these jeans.  These are Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinny Jeans in Rock With Holes. My favorite part of these jeans is the color. ... Read More

Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Shorts in Summer Love with Embroidery

I’d been waiting for these shorts to come out for some time now.  They’re from Current/Elliott’s summer collection, and I’m so excited that they are finally available.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect as the heat wave here continues.  These are Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Short in Summer Love. I’ve mentioned before that I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of shorts.  I absolutely love the styles that Current/Elliott... Read More

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